Day 2 of 365




What a way to begin this journey.  I celebrated my 39th birthday, and my wife made it an awesome weekend for me.

Friday – we went to Nationals Ballpark to watch the Nats take on the Philadelphia Phillies.  Layla got to play on the playground near the Nats Store, I ate too much (a pretzel with cheese, a small hot dog, and an order of chili cheese tater tots with minced jalapeno from Hard Times – why do they not offer this in the restaurant?!!?!?), our friend Gilbert joined us for a couple of innings, we had a great view in the 200 section above 3rd base, and the Nats won 2-1!  The walking was great for me.  I got to walk the entire ballpark, and we even walked from the stadium to my car after the game, a good 2 miles.

Saturday – lazy day.  I tried to get laundry done but failed miserably.  LOL… but I did get to the dry cleaners.  So there was that.  Took Layla to breakfast at McDonald’s – she loves their pancakes, and I love using my phone to pay for things via Google Wallet.  I know, bad reason to go to McDonald’s.

Sunday – I got to lead praise & worship at church, we had a awesome service, and I got to minister “Falling In Love With Jesus” with Colville Heskey on keys.  Then, over to my wife’s church for their picnic.  I couldn’t help it – 2 burgers, 2 hot dogs. LOL… then, my entire family (my wife & daughter, my mom, and my sister and her husband & sons) went to Founding Farmers for dinner.  ABSOLUTELY LOVE this place.  Never had a bad meal… until this time.  Not saying my meal was bad.  I had the chicken & waffles with mac & cheese and a side of my choice (I chose the lemon green beans).  Everything was wonderful, until I got to the chicken.  Now, they serve you two large boneless breaded chicken pieces.  I thought they were both chicken breasts, but I cut into the first one to discover it was dark meat, and not very tasty at all.  That second piece though… WOW.  So good I forgot to add the poultry gravy they served with it.  The 4-layer almond cake with strawberry filling my wife made was amazing.  Went home and also ended up eating my daughter’s uneaten burger as a late night snack.

Monday – decided to begin being very conscious about what I eat.  I used the new S Health app to track my food as I went through the day.  I got a tire repaired on my car, and got my 30 minute walk in.  Then, my family went to Great Waves water park, and Red Robin for dinner afterward.  Amazingly enough, everything I ate got tracked and kept me underneath my set calorie goal for the day.  Even those Dippin’ Dots at the water park.

All in all, an awesome way to celebrate my birthday and to begin this journey.

I discovered today that the #DancingMan – the gentleman who had a picture of himself go viral – did indeed get his dance party in Los Angeles.  He even got to attend a Dodgers game and throw out the first pitch.  The story touched my heart for multiple reasons.  But the thing that touched me the most was that when the guy’s picture was first posted and folks were body-shaming him, someone took notice and acted.  Someone decided to step in and say “Hey, this is wrong” and offered the guy a dance.  Then more interest and love poured in.  It took me back to so many times I felt uncomfortable in social situations – especially when dancing.  Asking someone to dance and getting an inevitable ‘no’, being made fun of, or when someone actually did say ‘yes’, trying to be careful not to sweat all over her… it felt good, #1, to see this guy drop his inhibitions and give into someone he loved, and #2, to see people speak up against body-shaming.  I hope all of us not only strive to be the change we want in the world, but we also take a moment to dance like nobody’s watching.  And if they are, just think – maybe they’re trying to learn a move or two.  Don’t deny them the chance.


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