Day 3 of 365

Didn’t get much sleep last night.  Gotta stop getting less than 6 hours.  See how sleepy I am? LOL

Woke up with energy to start cleaning the kitchen.  Used some more birthday freebies for breakfast – a small smoothie from Jamba Juice and a breakfast sandwich from Red Robin Burger Works.  Almost 900 calories but that smoothie was good.

Slow day at work – so many people took the day off today.  Struggling to stay awake at my desk.  Left my Kind Granola snacks at home again.

Hope I’m able to get in a full 30 minute walk today.  But days like today are why I got the jump rope, right?

I think I will just concentrate on getting through the day without making any more bad food choices.  Wish I knew why I was getting sick of water.  I love water.  Oh, well. Time to jazz it up with something.

Not enough money so I will cancel my hair appointment originally scheduled for Saturday, but I still need to figure out where to take Denise for our wedding anniversary next Tuesday.

Eyes are watering a little too much too. Think I will ask Dr. B about it during my appointment next Friday.

You know what I really need to do?!?!?!? I need to do a proper week’s worth of meal prep at home. I have that chicken breast in the freezer… so many things i can do with it.  Just gotta sit down and pick one.


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