Day 6 of 365

So, surprisingly enough, even though I haven’t made very healthy food choices and didn’t get in 30 minute walks daily, I still managed to stay near my daily calorie goal and lose four pounds this week! Since I only got in two walks this week, my goal for next week is 4 pounds and 3 walks. If I am successful, I will drop my daily calorie goal by 50 calories and see how I feel throughout the week.  This is really turning into a lifestyle change I can stick with! I just wish I had more energy in the evenings. I’m a little behind on the household laundry. That may also play into me not exercising more often. I think I will look into something more natural to add to my diet to increase my energy. Definitely not those Mountain Dew Kickstart drinks anymore… LOL

Today I am out with my daughter at a roller skating birthday party. Glad to see her getting over her fears and pushing herself. Now, that’s a lesson we all need.

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