Day 20 of 365

Wow.  A jump from day 12 to 20.  Talk about falling off-track.  I’ve ignored this blog for so long and I really need to not do that.  I admit – I only exercised once this week and I had a couple of emotional relapses.  Planning for my mom’s 70th birthday party next week has been stressful, and there have been some other issues at home and work that have gotten me off my path.  I thought about joining the gym at work to augment my LA Fitness membership, but the team that manages the gym at my job is not getting back to me.  Kind of discouraging.Positives – I did get over to LA Fitness on Monday and did a good 30 minutes on the treadmill, set to a good incline.  Also, I did do 3 days of lunch prep – using the Crock Pot Salsa Verde Chicken recipe.  I use my homemade salsa verde for this, and I love how it came out since I always put extra garlic and cilantro in my salsa.  Finally, I heard some good news from my doctor on my

Negatives – a couple of emotionally stressful moments.  I let them get the best of me and turned to food, which is what I’ve been trying to get away from.  I’m hoping to make a change from that.  Those moments of turning to food caused me to gain weight, and I know the weight number shouldn’t be a final factor in deciding how I’m doing, but I do need to be concerned about it.  I also got some news from my doctor about a possible liver issue, so I have to follow up with him on that and it has me a little worried.

Amazon is the DEBIL! LOL… found new products that I want but I haven’t figured out how to incorporate them into my plans just yet.  But as soon as I do… *evil grin*

This set of BlenderBottle GoStak snack containers really look cool… I could pack these with my between-meal snacks, and if I had enough of the containers, I could prep a week’s worth of snacks to go along with my lunches.  Really looking forward to getting these.

Today, I weigh 369.2 lbs.  Goal for next Saturday – 366.2 lbs, exercise at least twice, and continuing with the meal prep.

Still not sure if I want to keep going with the S Health, or if I want to switch back to MyFitnessPal or LoseIt, or since I have Polar fitness products, switch back to Polar Beat & Polar Flow.  The Polar smartphone apps include absolutely nothing for meal tracking, but do great at step/exercise/weight/sleep tracking.  Also, I’ve actually spent money on Polar fitness tracking products – I currently own the Polar Loop and H7.  MyFitnessPal and LoseIt are awesome at weight and meal tracking, the social aspect is good because they’re both popular apps, and I can use Google Fit to push step & exercise data over to either one.  S Health tracks so much more than just exercise, which it’s great at – it also tracks personal data like heart rate and stress level (due to my Galaxy S5’s finger heart rate sensor), but the meal tracking leaves a little to be desired and there is no sleep tracking (I have to enter sleep data manually).  Also, no social aspect with S Health.  So much to consider.

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