About the Movement

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What is The ImproveMEnt Movement all about?

A self-imposed regular check.  A recurring proactive review of one’s self.  We can always improve ourselves in some way, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual.  We can always learn something new about ourselves and our perspective on the world.

That is the basis of the ImproveMEnt Movement.  And as Michael Jackson so eloquently said in his amazing song, “Man In The Mirror”, I’m taking a look at myself and making a change in order to jumpstart what may make the world better, albeit in some small way.  However small, though, it will be a positive change and a change that I’ve influenced, thereby enhancing my legacy.

Maybe my food choices could improve.  Maybe I could read more often.  Maybe I could do some other thing slightly differently.  All these things will shape me into a better person.  Not that I’m not pretty awesome now, but as I said before – we call ALL change.  We can ALL improve.

And that’s what this is all about.


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