Day 20 of 365

Wow.  A jump from day 12 to 20.  Talk about falling off-track.  I've ignored this blog for so long and I really need to not do that.  I admit - I only exercised once this week and I had a couple of emotional relapses.  Planning for my mom's 70th birthday party next week has been stressful, and there have been some other issues at home and work that have gotten me off my path.  I thought about joining the gym at work to augment my LA Fitness membership, but the team that manages the gym at my job is not getting back to me.  Kind of discouraging.


Day 12 of 365

So I haven't posted in almost a week. In that time I've eaten at Red Robin, California Tortilla, Maggiano's, the local Chinese carry out, and whatever else I can other remember. I have only gotten short walks in this week. But, at least I kept up my water intake and I am not feeling super down on myself.


Day 6 of 365

So, surprisingly enough, even though I haven't made very healthy food choices and didn't get in 30 minute walks daily, I still managed to stay near my daily calorie goal and lose four pounds this week! Since I only got in two walks this week, my goal for next week is 4 pounds and 3 walks. If I am successful, I will drop my daily calorie goal by 50 calories and see how I feel throughout the week.  This is really turning into a lifestyle change I can stick with! I just wish I had more energy in the evenings. I'm a little behind on the household laundry. That may also play into me not exercising more often. I think I will look into something more natural to add to my diet to increase my energy. Definitely not those Mountain Dew Kickstart drinks anymore... LOL


Day 3 of 365

Didn't get much sleep last night.  Gotta stop getting less than 6 hours.  See how sleepy I am? LOL


Day 2 of 365




What a way to begin this journey.  I celebrated my 39th birthday, and my wife made it an awesome weekend for me.

Friday - we went to Nationals Ballpark to watch the Nats take on the Philadelphia Phillies.  Layla got to play on the playground near the Nats Store, I ate too much (a pretzel with cheese, a small hot dog, and an order of chili cheese tater tots with minced jalapeno from Hard Times - why do they not offer this in the restaurant?!!?!?), our friend Gilbert joined us for a couple of innings, we had a great view in the 200 section above 3rd base, and the Nats won 2-1!  The walking was great for me.  I got to walk the entire ballpark, and we even walked from the stadium to my car after the game, a good 2 miles.


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